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For many dental injuries you will need to see dentist, for example your tooth is chipped or broken. Before you get to the dentist you need to protect the mouth and make sure that it is not exposed to cold, particularly when the injury has resulted in the nerve being exposed.

If a tooth is knocked out, and you can find it, it could be cleaned and put back in, to clean it use saline or perhaps milk to wash it off.

When you are sure it is clean, put the tooth back, make sure it is the right way round and push it in firmly as far as it will go, close your teeth together to make sure it is seated in the right place.

Hold it in place, if you have a gum shield put that over the top. If a dentist isn’t available you could visit A & E. They will have oral surgery staff who will be able to help.

Pain killers can be used to help with the pain, whatever you would normally take for a headache would be best.

Make sure the patient is cleaned up, there can often be a lot of blood when a tooth is lost and in some cases there may be injury to the lips, when dealing with a child remember that the blood may scare them, clean them up well and keep calm, take them to the dentist.