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Scheduling a classroom training can be inconvenient for busy professionals. With online and blended courses, ProTrainings programs are available whenever you are, allowing you to pause and resume the training videos so you can come back later. Learn more

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ProTrainings can help you to meet all your Health and Safety and first aid training requirements through a mixture of accredited online, blended, and classroom courses nationwide, ensuring that you use the best, most cost effective training options available.

As a client, you will be assigned your own personal training account manager who will work with you to help you plan your training. You will also receive your own admin dashboard where you can monitor and track training for all of your employees.

Reduce the cost, not the quality, of your training. For more information call us direct on 01206 805359. Learn more

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Our students love the training they receive with ProTrainings. But don't just take our word for it. Read some of the testimonials our students have given us. Learn more

Luke - sports coach from northants

“very in-depth detail of there courses and found it very educational. ”


“Excellent, informative, easy to understand, realistic scenarios. able to stop and start training according to your personal schedule. ”

Vivienne - Yoga Teacher and Gong Sound Therapist from Dorset

“The online ProTrainings First Aid course is such a well-structured and comprehensive course. The trainers explain the content so well. I have learned so much and feel empowered to help people as and when such circumstances arise.”

Nadia - Head Teacher from Sutton

“I am glad I did the course, it was in detail and exciting.”

Emma Louise from Lancashire

“The training has a lot of information, presented in an easy to understand format, with clear instructions about dealing with the different situations. It makes you feel confident that you will know what to do in a first aid situation.”

Jo - Bowen Therapist from City of Edinburgh

“Really enjoyed this training! I love that I could dip in and out at my convenience and take a long as I needed!”

John - Retired from Wiltshire

“A good mix of information and practical advice”

Rachel - Chalet Host from Berkshire

“Great course! I was stuggling to find a course that I could access in the time I had available. This provided the flexibility for me to access a course at times that were convenient for me. The course is very comprehensive and covers everything in a clear, simple to understand manner. Not only that but the case-study examples help give a real-life context to some of the possible situation you might face. The trainer is reassuring and delivers the content in a manner that helps anyone feel confident with first aid training. Great course, and I would thoroughly recommend. ”

Arsha - Student from State/Province/Region

“I enjoyed the way the learning was set out. It is very well-paced and well presented. I enjoyed the course and learn a lot. I was impressed with the quality of the online training. ”

karine from Dorset

“Thank you for a very thorough coverage of how to deal with First Aid situations”

Sheila - Sound Healer from Devon

“Excellent training.. covers such a lot. Feel much more confident”

Dan - Bowen Therapist from Essex

“The training videos are very concise and easy to understand.”

Amber from CA

“Really clear and constructive guidance throughout all videos.”

Amelia - Activity Instructor from Middlesex

“Everything is clear and communicated well. A really great site for online courses.”

barry - retired from shrppshire

“Far better than I expected and satisfying”

Ciara - catering from kent

“This course is brilliant, during training you can come and go as you please. Each section is highly detailed and contains important and accurate information. It has helped me to pass my first aid test and I now will feel more confident and comfortable when dealing with anyone who may need my help.”

Petra Jean - Sound Healer from East Sussex

“Individual time and space with the added pressure to answer direct questions in the form of a test was perfect for me. I much preferred this method of learning than in a group leaning situation.”

Sanne - Sound healer from Gwynedd

“Easy to understand, lots of information and enough time to complete all the videos before taking the test.”

Debbie from Herts

“A thorough course that was easy to follow at my own Pace.”

allison - Therapist from West Midlands

“Your teaching method really suits my learning style. I have recommended ProTrainings to my bosses and colleagues. I also like how you send weekly videos lessons to refresh our memories and help us stay up to date. Thankyou”